Washington DC area Bird Control specialists that have experience working with all types of architecture. Our bird control services are trusted by highly respected architects and organizations throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area

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Business and Retail

Birds cause untold millions of dollars of damage every year to commercial and retail buildings in the Northern Virginia and DC area. Their droppings, nesting materials and parasites pose serious threats to structures and to the people in and around them

office parks
Office Parks

With the bundnce of office parks in and around the Northern Virginia area, your business teneants may find it difficult for their employees to work in an unhealthy environment and may decide to locate elsewhere. We can help prevent financial loss

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Historical Preservation

We understand that architects working with historic buildings have specific needs in regards to bird control services. We are specialists when it comes to the proper care and attention to detail required to perform work on historic buildings

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Museums & Memorials

Without bird deterrent measures that discourage nusiance birds, museums are at the mercy of pigeons, crows, seagulls and other flying pests. We can take back the pleasant enviornment that a museum or memorial should be

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Government & municipal

Repair and maintenance costs to government buildings can become quite costly if there is no bird control strategy in place. Birds need to be kept off the buildings, signs, rooftop AC units, rain gutters and all elevated areas of the building

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Bridges & Transportation

The acid in bird droppings badly damages concrete. The reinforcing, which is only a few centimetres below the surface, can rapidly become exposed and corrode. Bird control should be taken into consideration when planning maintenance

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The droppings from a pigeon infestation or any other bird infestation can cause serious damage and hazards if it's not taken care of quickly. Unfortunately, court houses throughout the country have found this out the hard way

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Consistent with rodent and insect mitigation, bird control at health care facilities is a critical element for maintaining a clean and disease free environment for patients. Fecal dust drawn into air-conditioning ducts is a serious health hazard