Geese Control Northern Virginia


Geese Control Northern Virginia

Are you concerned about the size of the present population of resident canada geese you may have on your property or property you may be responsible to manage? We are dedicated to resolving nuisance canada geese problems between the Canada Geese and your own safety and interests. We know how to get rid of geese – HUMANELY and in accordance with all Federal, State and Municipal Laws. We can bring an end to all of that canada goose poop. We often do Canada Goose hazing by creating annoyances to disturb the Canada Geese Flock.

We service many different types of locations for handling your problems with the Canada Goose including Athleic fields, Airports, Parks, Golf Courses, Lake Front residential, and commercial properties, industrial sites, and for most any local government or association including County, City and Township governements. Save your property from the many problems that are caused by Canada geese. Geese can cause a major health concern, every single goose can produce up to one to two pounds of droppings a day, with most geese pooping over 20 times a day, this quickly becomes a health hazard. Geese droppings are certainly one of the major contributors of phosphorus and nitrogen in ponds and can cause pond eutrophication which will allow algae and weeds to grow quickly, which will depleting the oxygen from the water and damaging the aquatic environment.

Border Collies and Geese Control

Border collies have a special ability that other dog breeds don't possess. Border Collies have a wolf-like glance, or look called, the "Eye" that will mesmerizes prey into flight or movement. This will cause the geese to view the collies as predators. The geese will feel like they are in imminent and certain danger and will quickly leave the property and stay away longer because of the encounter with the border collie. The border collie receives enough gratification from solely stalking the prey that they do not have the need to catch or retrieve like most breeds.

Our Border Collies will never touch the geese to keep you in line with the Migratory Bird Act and offer a humane way to deter them. Prevent geese from harming you or your property with our highly-trained, intelligent, and hardworking collies that have the natural instinct to herd. Our solution quickly reduces the goose population on your property . We offer great results because we stagger the times we visit your property to ensure success.

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