Goose, Bird Removal Videos

Power Of The Border Collie

Our dogs are specially trained to run out and chase away the geese who in turn remain on designated foraging grounds.

Bam and Turk at Work

Bam and Turk, our Goose Chasers, are busy at work in Virginia

In Dogged Pursuit Of Geese

Episode 3 of "In Dogged Pursuit of Geese" gives insight into the highly specialized method of training Border Collies for geese control.

Canadian Geese In Flight

This is a great video of Canadian Geese in flight. This is excellent film work and interesting soundtrack as well.

Turkey Vulture

An adult perched in the morning sun preening when another, apparently more dominate, adult lands and forces it off the perch.

Black Vulture

These Vultures hung out for a few minutes. Casio Exilim EX-F1 300 FPS high Speed Slow Moton. The wing span is amazing.

Crazy Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese take over front yard suburban home. This is typical way that Canadian Geese can be disruptive.


10th and 12th December '09, Market Drayton UK. Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending. Wonderful footage.

Starling Swarm - Blender

A flock of Common Starlings flying together. The birds' wings make a distinctive whooshing sound that can be heard