Bird Control Northern Virginia

Bird Control Northern Virginia

Birds. They all look really cute until they're nesting in your house, defecating on your walkway or making loud noises while you try to sleep or get work done. Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls, geese, woodpeckers and all other birds can become a significant nuisance to your business. Droppings are very unsightly, and can possibly carry dangerous diseases. Nests are very often found inside a structure, where the female mother birds are nursing their chirping young. Woodpeckers are rattling outside your windows distracting you or your employees causes hours of lost productivity.

We employ many different methods depending on the particular species. One of our specialties is exclusion netting. Netting does have its limitations and may only be used under the right circumstances. Netting is ideal for enclosed areas like parking garages, canopies, balconies, and loading docks. We have also netted buildings' faces that have too many architectural features, as protecting all secondary ledges would not be cost effective. Other options are listed below

  • Spikes - Spikes are stainless steel metal barbs with a defined height that effectively repel birds. Spikes are a long-standing method of bird control. Their effectiveness has been proven in many tests.
  • Netting - Netting is a reliable protection from birds. We are experts in in implementing highly effective Bird Exclusion Netting
  • Wire Systems - Pigeons and other birds cannot sit on thin, taught stainless steel wire and are thus driven away.
  • Electrical Systems - With electrical systems pigeons receive an uncomfortable but harmless electrical impulse, which drives them away. Electrical impulse systems work on the same principle as metal electrical fences.
  • Acoustic Solutions - Acoustic bird control devices replay attacking calls from predator birds, mixed with frightening calls from prey birds. Ultrasound systems permanently emit ultrasound of high frequencies, dispersing birds from protected areas of low to medium population. Professional systems combine ultrasound with infrasound.
  • Visual Solutions - Birds perceive the environment mainly with their eyes, which are their main sense organ.
  • Decoys - Predator decoys imitate natural enemies and thus increase hostile pressure in the affected area.


Bird Deterrent Northern VA

Feather Free Zone™ is a full-service bird control company, servicing Northern Virginia, Maryland and the rest of the Washington DC metro area. We are privately owned and operated with corporate offices located in Leesburg, Va. We always utilize humane methods of controlling birds. Also, customer service and client satisfaction have always been one of our top priorities. We provide our clients with high quality, professional service that is guaranteed. When dealing with a bird problem, don't take matters into your own hands — give us a call.

The service we provide is well proven providing excellent results. We enter each new situation with an open mind and do not subscribe to one cure fits all. No preconceived solutions or products are ever brought to the property inspection and forced to solve your concern.