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Fish Farm Bird Control Services

Birds can cause a significant negative economic impact on aquaculture. Birds not only eat fish but can also transmit diseases from one pond or aquaculture facility to another. Farmers and bird control specialists are having to think resourcefully to counteract the damage birds are causing to fisheries.

Fish Farm Bird Control Service

Fish farms are targeted by birds daily. This has become a major problem since the bird population has risen. Once birds discover there is a high density of fish, they will attract more birds to fish farm ponds. Farmers and bird control specialists are having to think resourcefully to counteract the damage birds are causing to fisheries.


If you are searching for ways to control bird's around your fisheries or ponds, our team of professional bird removal specialists can help control the birds using bird control methods designed specifically for bird control around fish farms. 


How Birds Negatively Impact Fish Farms


Birds can cause a significant negative economic impact on aquaculture. Birds not only eat fish but can also transmit diseases from one pond or aquaculture facility to another.

Predatory birds may cause damage fish or farm facilities both directly or indirectly. Direct damage results when the fish is killed or seriously injured by the predator and is, therefore, lost from production.

Indirect damage is highly variable and includes non-lethal wounding of fish; chronic stress and its resulting reduction in health or feeding efficiency; pathogen transfer, including bacteria, viruses and parasites; and sometimes even physical damage to the animal enclosure system leading to escapement.

Bird Control Systems for Fisheries

The traditional methods of bird control such as frightening, trapping and shooting do not ensure safety or efficacy. Likewise, there are many laws and regulations that prevent farmers from shooting birds.
Traditional methods are not reliable or effective.
Bird deterrent devices when combined with overhead netting, such as the systems you’ll see in overhead crop netting, are successful in helping fish farms solve bird problems.

A laser bird deterrent device uses bird’s natural instincts as an advantage: the device projects a laser beam towards the area where the birds are gathering. The birds perceive the laser beam as a threat and will leave the areas immediately. Many farmers and wildlife control specialists have combined overhead netting with sound deterrent devices also.
The damages caused by pest birds present serious problems for homes. Installing wire mesh around your solar panels helps avoid costly damages.


Ways to Protect Fish Farms from Birds


How to keep birds away from your fishponds? These are a few ways to keep birds away, however, if you have a large, persistent flock of birds, tighter measures will have to be performed.


• Decoys
• Overhead bird netting
• Overhead wire systems
• Motion activated sprinklers
• Electric wires and/or fences
• Laser deterrents
• Noise (auditory) and light deterrents
• Goose-chasing dogs


Human or “predatory” disturbance is also one of the most widely used techniques for deterring cormorants, particularly at aquaculture facilities and at fisheries on smaller rivers and ponds. Disturbances can be conducted with dogs, on foot or by using vehicles or boats.

Overhead line wire systems are effective against gulls, cormorants and ospreys, rather than against ducks or other wading birds. Overhead wire systems, like total exclusion systems, are impractical for large ponds due to the difficulties of spanning large distances. Another problem is that birds are smart and adaptable – they may learn to avoid the overhead lines. On the positive side, aside from replacing an occasional broken wire or maintaining adequate wire tension, overhead wire systems require very little maintenance.

Scarecrows have been reported as ‘ineffectual’ against cormorants at some sites. Regularly changing the position of such devices is recommended to maximize what effectiveness they may have. Both static and animated (i.e wacky waving inflatable tube man) scarecrows are commonly used at aquaculture facilities and fishery sites, particularly smaller ones.

The major drawback with scarecrows, however lifelike they may be, is that they do not present a threat that is sufficiently alarming to birds under most circumstances. Over a period of time, birds learn that effigies do not represent an actual threat and begin to ignore them.

Presenting a real threat or preventing access to food is key to keeping birds away.

Best Bird Control for Fisheries

Because there are so many options and every situation or farm set up is different, we recommend contacting a bird control company to assist with your fishery bird control needs. A professional bird conttrol team will be able to create a system or program that fits your farm needs as well as target the predatory birds with the right type of system.

At Feather Free Zone, our bird control specialists have worked on many projects to accomplish complete bird control. From bird netting to gull grid systems. Check out our work here

Feather Free Zone™ offers top quality bird control, bird removal and exclusion services to include: Humane Geese Control, Canadian Geese Removal with Herding Dogs, Bird Exclusion, Bird Netting Installation, and all Bird Proofing and Bird Removal for Commercial and Residential Properties.

Bird Netting Installation


Feather Free Zone™ has a history of success with bird netting and bird exclusion for its clients. We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation, it’s the last call you’ll ever have to make about your geese or bird problems.


Geese and Waterfowl Removal with Dogs

Geese removal with herding dogs is a safe and effective way to removal geese from a property. One of our bird control specialists will visit your site daily at random times during the first several weeks. Each visit reinforces the message of danger to the Canada Geese or Bird population. Once they feel threatened, they will relocate to other areas. Our team installs bird control systems to keep your farm free from birds and potential damages. If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, Feather Free Zone has over 26 years of combined experience in the field of bird control. We can help you decide which methods are right for your farm or business. Call us at 571-364-0110 for a free consultation. You can also email us. Our professional bird deterrent installers are available throughout the USA for your convenience.

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