Geese Removal for Commercial Properties Virginia


Commercial Geese Removal with Dogs

Geese can cause a lot of damage to your corporate property. From leaving droppings, to killing the grass and harassing or attacking clients and customers. 

Our team of geese control specialists will work to rid your property of geese by making the area as undesirable as possible. Our geese chasing dogs impose a "threat" to geese by creating the illusion of a predator. When geese feel unsafe, they will fly away and find a new home. 

Canadian Geese are beautiful creatures, but when they become resident geese and multiply, they become a nuisance. Many companies, commercial property owners and landowners are using our dog service team to chase away Canadian Geese and achieving successful results.

Corporate Geese Removal in Virginia

Corporate clients and commercial properties we work with in Virginia include: Corporate Campuses, Golf Courses, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Homeowners Associations, Medical Facilities, Government Buildings, Airparks, Parks, Sports Fields.

Our Virginia locations include, but not limited to: Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Charlottesville, Manassas, Woodbridge, Falls Church, Annandale, Richmond, Newport News, Gloucester County, Williamsburg, Hampten Roads, Reston, Alexandria, Fairfax, Washington DC

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Why Geese Removal is Important

Large flocks of geese can create concern for public health due to the large amounts of droppings. In large quantities, goose droppings can generate a foul odor and possible bacterial concerns. Goose droppings in water used for swimming or drinking effect water quality and may contain high coliform bacteria

Excessive droppings and overgrazing can also create property damage. Canadian geese are one of the few birds who can digest grass, so as a result, property owners can expect to see sparse grass and erosion concerns once the geese have flown away. If geese get too cozy on your property, you may see them returning year after year, only to leave your property damaged again. 

Geese are also a problem at airport runways due to safety issues. It is reported that nearly 240 geese-aircraft collisions occur every year. According to the FAA, there have been about 194,000 bird wildlife strikes with civil aircraft in the USA between 1990 and 2017. The Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918 clearly states that no Canada goose may be touched or harmed, thereby making herding dogs a great fit for the safe removal of Canadian Geese from your property.

Using Dogs to Chase Away Canadian Geese

Nearly every dog will scare and chase off Canadian geese or other birds, if given the chance. However, the most effective dogs for geese chasing are Border Collies, German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds. While other dog breeds can be effective if trained properly, these are currently the most popular breeds for chasing Canada geese. Their intelligence levels, attentiveness, and herding qualities make them the perfect breeds for herding and chasing Canadian geese.

The Border Collie was bred for herding and is best suited for getting large flocks of geese off your property. Border Collies are bred to herd without harming the Canadian Geese.

German Shepherds, with their quick-learning abilities and intimidating size are also good breeds for the job. Most geese will not challenge a German Shepherd. Professional geese herding dogs will never catch or harm geese. They will only work to remove them from the area, carefully and systematically.

Trained geese removal dogs can clear parks, airport runways, golf course properties or commercial grounds in no time, without harm to the geese or themselves. And because the German Shepherd and Border Collies are working dogs that need a lot of exercise, they are most happy when they are working.

 goose chasing dogs


Border Collies for Geese Control

Border collies have a special ability that other dog breeds don't possess. Border Collies have a wolf-like glance, or look called, the "Eye" that will mesmerizes prey into flight or movement. This will cause the geese to view the collies as predators. The geese will feel like they are in imminent and certain danger and will quickly leave the property and stay away longer because of the encounter with the border collie. The border collie receives enough gratification from solely stalking the prey that they do not have the need to catch or retrieve like most breeds.

Our Border Collies never touch the geese to keep you in line with the Migratory Bird Act, and offer a humane way to deter them. Prevent geese from harming you or your property with our highly-trained, intelligent, and hardworking collies that have the natural instinct to herd. Our solution quickly reduces the goose population on your property. We offer great results because we stagger the times we visit your property to ensure success.

Are Geese Afraid of Dogs?

Geese are instinctually afraid of foxes, wolves and coyotes. Naturally, geese see dogs as predators. Geese will make a home elsewhere if they feel unsafe in an area where they are prey. Using a professional goose herding dog service for your Canadian geese problem is going to be essential for effectiveness. It is not enough to just scare off the birds into a pond. They need to feel like the area is just not safe.

Best Ways to Remove Geese

Never attempt to scare away geese on your own. Nesting geese or males during mating season are highly aggressive and will attack. The most humane and effective way to scare geese away is with professional goose control methods using trained goose-herding dogs. Herding dogs handled by professionals will put geese in flight and cause the geese to leave an area entirely.

Professional herding dogs are important for the task to put the geese in flight, rather than in the water. Geese in the water will feel safer and less likely to leave the area.

Feather Free Zone geese control with dogs is the most effective, humane, and environmentally friendly way to eliminate your geese problem. Feather Free Zone has a history of success for its clients and looks forward to putting its expertise to work for you. Feather Free Zone is dedicated to resolving nuisance Canada geese problems between the Canada geese and home or workplace safety and interests. Feather Free Zone will rid of geese humanely and in accordance with all Federal, State and Municipal Laws.

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Commercial Property Goose Removal Services in Virginia

We service many different types of locations for handling your problems with the Canada Goose including Athletic fields, Airports, Parks, Golf Courses, Lake Front residential, and commercial properties, industrial sites, and any local government or association including County, City and Township governments. 

Save your property from the many problems that are caused by Canada geese. Geese can cause a major health concern, every single goose can produce up to one to two pounds of droppings a day, with most geese pooping over 20 times a day, this quickly becomes a health hazard. Geese droppings are certainly one of the major contributors of phosphorus and nitrogen in ponds and can cause pond eutrophication which will allow algae and weeds to grow quickly, which will deplete the oxygen from the water and damage the aquatic environment.